Hyundai Veloster Group Buy

Hey guys, thank you for your interest in our product!

On new models (such as the Veloster) we are willing to develop a gauge and move into production if we can get at least 20 people to pre-order the gauge.

Retail price for our Multi-Gauge is $389 but since you are willing to pre-order we are going to give you 25% off ($291.75). Also, we will give an additional 1% off for each person above 20 who is willing to pre-order the gauge. (limited to a maximum of 35% off)

-Once we get at least 20 people signed up we will then begin development and getting the gauge into production.

-Once development is finished and we have received payment from all pre-order individuals we will then ship the gauges. (development should take no more than 4 weeks)

-Payment requests will be sent out after everyone has been signed up. SPREAD THE WORD! The more people we have sign up, the bigger the discount!

If you have any questions, please email

Thank you again for your interest in our company, we hope to be able to move forward with this new design.

P3 Gauges
Performance Visualized